Titanic- The disaster that shock the word

The largest ship

When the shipping company White Star announced that the ”supership” was ready

Titanic in 1912, they said she was the largest ship ever built:

How big was she? Titanic was 269 meters long. It is as long as 22 buses set on the length of each other. She was the largest movable object in values. When the Titanic crossed a small ship, it was as if a great cloud glided by. Titanics hull, the ship’s body, was divided in sixteen departments. As many as four could be flooded, but that she would fall.

Titanic was a floating palace with elegant restaurants, Turkish bath and a swimming pool. Passengers in the first, second and third class had separate rooms, lounges and dining rooms. On its maiden voyage the Titanic would sail across the Atlantic, from England to New York in the USA. Commanders on board was Captain Edward J. Smith. He took command from the bridge in the front of the ship. This was his last journey before he retired. The newspapers called the ship”Millionaireboat”, but passagerarn came from society’s laws.
John Jacob Astor and his wife had first-class tickets. They were among the most wealthy passengers and had a suite, or more same-hung rooms. People who were not quite as rich went also. Many were immigrants. They had all their belongings in the luggage and hoped to start a new life in America.
All hands on board! (1912 April 10 at 12)

At last, Titanic ready for departure from England, fully loaded with more than a thousand passengers. There are hundreds of children on board. Edmond and Michel Navratil traveling second class, together with his father. They where only 2 and 3 years old.

Large crowds of people stand on the dock and wave flags and handkerchiefs. Some cheer, others crying out:”Good luck, Titanic!”

Passengers waving goodbye to their families and friends.

Danger offenders (April 13)

The first three days at sea have felt like pure holiday for the majority of passengers.

But soon, the Titanic into a field in the North Atlantic where it floats around in the ice mountain.

(April 14 at 23.40) All day long, the Titanic received warnings from other radio-telegraph on iceberg. Now that the ship shooting up through the night, two guards assigned to keep a lookout for icebergs from the look-out basket.

All is quiet in the icy night and the sea is incredibly quiet. But suddenly, when their guard pass draws to a close, seeing the look out a dark object that appears in front of them. It is a iceberg …. and the Titanic is heading straight to it!

Fort rings one Outlook the alarm and shouts into the phone that is connected to the bridge,”iceberg straight forward!”

”stay  so”Chief shouts, and ordering the vessel to swing to the left. Then he ordered the halt of the machine at full back.

I look out basket preparing vakterba on the soon to collide with the iceberg looming increasingly. Slow start ship sheer away from the iceberg. But it is too late!

A slight shock grids ship and hear a piercing sound when iceberg scrapes against Titanics side.

Many passengers are sleeping. The light impact on the page are not enough to awaken them. But it raises Captain Smith. He rushes to the bridge to find out what has happened. Down below deck, men working in one of the engine rooms, nearly swept over the water entering. In just a few minutes the water has risen to the waist.


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