Today we started at 08:00 at school, and since I have to go by train for half an hour before, I woke up 06:30. Anyway, I had breakfast and stuff. I had to run to the train because it was 1 minutes left my home (I live very close to the train). I came to school and I was first of all, really really weird because I always arrive late. Anyway, first we started with Mentor time we went through what we would do this week and how much late and behaviorwarnings we have. Mentor time was over and we went down to our lockers and go and get the things that we needed to SO.  At SO were was talking about Ancient Greece, and then after SO, we had PE and because it was some match in basketball. we had the little sport hall (we have two sport halls a small and a large), we got to share with another class. We got to choose what you wanted to play badminton, or take a look at the competition. I did both. in all cases, After that it was lunch and we ate fish with potato, we had a little break and after it began the math (I do not like math). Then we had French and we had to do a test and go through the lesson then we ended 13:30 I think. Anyway, I came home and ate and now I am sitting in front of the cumputer.

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